Brilliant UCL breaks into top 15 unis in the WORLD

Can’t touch this

Student Shitty: Why London isn’t 2nd In The World

London isn’t great for students, despite what we’re always told. Should’ve just gone to Leeds.

London is the planet’s top city for university education

London has more top universities than any other city in the world. We really are great.

Welcome to the fifth best university in the country

UCL is the fifth best university in the country, according to The Times Good University Guide.

UCLead The Way- King’s Stranded

UCL sit 21st in the world based on reputation- but what of our neighbours?

London Second Best Student City in the World

Last week QS released their inaugural ‘Best Student Cities in the World’ rankings, with London placing second only to Paris. While naturally delighted the capital finished so high, The Buzz was concerned about the criteria QS used to compare and measure their chosen cities.