Marc Ridley

Marc Ridley
London University


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Historic footage shows epic 1927 battle versus KCL

YouTube footage from 1927 shows violent clashes between UCL and KCL on our Gower Street campus

UCL smash King’s in impressive lacrosse Varsity victory

The mixed UCLU Lacrosse team scored a hefty win against KCL in Regent’s Park

The V&A has a creepy display of weapons and drugs confiscated from kids

The collection features drugs, weapons and creepy toys pinched from London students by angry teachers.

The inevitable stages of falling asleep on the nightbus

Don’t end up stuck at the end of the N29

Stop moaning about the cost of graduation

It’s your big day. You’ve spent three years at university, more than a decade in school and countless sleepless nights in the library. Are you really going to ruin it by quibbling over £35?

UCL’s Craziest Courses

From cannibals to Tintin, there’s a course to suit every interest at UCL. We look at the weirdest

Where the hell even is Enfield anyway?

Inspired by Buzzfeed, we challenged UCL students to label a map of London, with disappointing results…

Union Sabbs Block Appearance of Controversial Catholic Campaigner

UCLU Sabbs cancel appearance of Catholic speaker at “bigoted homophobic” event

London Graduates Rake In The Cash

You could be rolling in it as a London graduate – especially if you study at LSE

London is the planet’s top city for university education

London has more top universities than any other city in the world. We really are great.

The Truth About The Year Abroad

Marc Ridley tells us about how he survived…just about.

The Diamond Jubilee: A once-in-a-lifetime piss-up

We Brits love any excuse for a piss-up, and Her Maj being on the throne for 60 years is as good an excuse as any.