And They’re Off: PHOTOS Jailbreak 2012

After a heavy night at ULU, The Buzz was up to cover the highlight of the RAG calendar, the UCL Jailbreak. With the South Cloisters filled with the Super Mario Brothers, penguins, a bride and groom and everything you can imagine in between, including lots of Where’s Wallys.

UCL Jail Break

At 9am, 140 students rushed from the quad towards Gower Street and beyond hoping to raise  thousands of pounds for Great Ormond Street Hospital and UCL Body and Soul. Over the next 36 hours their aim is to get as far away from The Quad as possible using any means possible- as long as they don’t spend a single penny.

The Buzz caught up with some of the teams before they head into the great unknown.

Team Extreme, consisting of Catrin Atkins, Angus Berwick and Micky Doherty, are aiming for “world domination- we couldn’t possibly reveal any information but if we get to Marrakesh Micky’s gran will donate her whole will to Great Ormond Street Hospital.”

The Cool Kids”, made up of Mathias Toubiana, Milana Katz and Ina Martins meanwhile were representing the strong arm of the law at Jailbreak and are aiming to get as far as Rome, dressed as cops and robbers. Their plan is to make it to Luton Airport and see what happens in perhaps the most risky strategy we have come across.

While most teams seem to be opting to head to Dover or an airport, Double Gypardy are hoping to catch the ferry from Ramsgate over to Belgium, saying they were ‘worried and excited’ about going ‘to infinity and beyond.’

For the best live coverage of the weekend’s adventures, stay online with The Buzz for live updates and track the progress of ‘Team VAJ’ and ‘Gower Street’s Most Wanted’ as they try to get as far away from UCL as fast as possible.