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Over the last year, the music events company Axon Presents has certainly made a name for itself within Liverpool’s student circles. Bursting onto the city’s music scene with a sold-out launch event at 24 Kitchen Street in early 2023, Axon Presents has quickly grown into one of the hottest events nights that Liverpool has to offer. Showcasing a variety of talents from local upcoming student DJs to bigger, national names, a night with Axon is never one to miss. As we approach the company’s first birthday, I interviewed the founder, Kieran Meckiah, to reflect on Axon’s incredible journey over the past year.

We asked what inspired him to get into the scene, and Kieran said: “My musical journey as a DJ/promoter began from a young age; I always had an interest in the electronic music scene that is found all over the world. I remember first buying decks but not knowing how to use them, but once I had learnt, it was so much fun to do and it killed time – some people play sports, I press buttons and like to discover new music from different artists!

“In school, and now to be fair, I was always giving someone my headphones and telling them to listen to the new track I’d discovered. It was, in a way, a random accident – I never anticipated the rapid expansion that Axon would undergo in the space of a year. It’s been a learning journey for me, and I also get to follow my passion of learning to DJ, something that I only started doing somewhat seriously about a year ago.”

With the company not even being a year old yet, we asked Kieran to talk us through the thought process when starting it up. He said it ” was a mix of excitement and stress, driven by my competitive spirit and a deep-seated desire to create something meaningful within the university/Liverpool community. It wasn’t necessarily a calculated plan, but rather a leap of faith into the vibrant event culture of Liverpool. Witnessing the city’s enthusiasm, I felt compelled to contribute, turning this venture into something way beyond a mini-project.

“Another reason why I started Axon was because there is very little representation from people like myself – being a young black business within the industry, I can represent my people as well as others from under-represented backgrounds, such as women and LGBTQIA+.

“I had to overcome a lot of doubt and acknowledge the challenges, but encouragement from friends and mutuals played a crucial role. I’ve had a lot of support and inspiration from SlumLuv, and when I attended one of their events I had a conversation that really pushed me to take the next steps in establishing Axon Presents. The supportive team at 24 Kitchen Street played an integral role in guiding me through the initial phases, and their ongoing support has made it a special home for Axon.

“Navigating the events industry has its ups and downs, especially with things like last-minute changes and the uncertainty of working in a competitive landscape that is dominated by major brands and venues. The stress is real, but it’s met with the satisfaction of overcoming challenges. Small venues like 24 Kitchen Street need collective support to thrive, and despite the hurdles, the joy really comes when the turnout exceeds expectations and the crowd immerse themselves in the music. Axon is all about passion and creating amazing experiences in Liverpool’s dynamic event scene.”

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If you’ve been to an Axon event, you’ll know how beautiful the energy is there. We wanted to know what Kieran’s proudest moment was, and he said:”My proudest moment from Axon from the past year has to be our stage takeover at Baltic Weekender, featuring the original headliners Eddy and Thelma. Closing the uni year in the sun surrounded by an incredible crowd full of new faces made it a truly meaningful experience. Despite some hiccups on the day, the stage was thriving from start to finish, which spoke through the energy of the crowd; I had only started Axon in February, so this moment has special significance for me because it is a real milestone in this whirlwind journey.

“Every event throughout the year has sold out, which highlights the trust and excitement that the community has for Axon; it’s a place where everyone comes together for a good time, and people know that the night will be nothing short of fantastic.”

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With Axon Presents celebrating real local talent, we asked who Kieran thinks are the ones to watch: “Definitely watch out for Daisy, Miggs, Lils, TeeJ, Molloy and Tiernan Hughes.”

The Liverpool dance community is a passionate and dedicated one; we wondered what Kieran would say is the key to people come back to Axon, event after event. He told us: “I think that the key elements that consistently draw people back to Axon are the vibrant vibes, the strong sense of community, and the creation of a safe and welcoming space. The infectious energy, coupled with carefully curated lineups that feature both established talent and emerging artists, adds to the allure. People that come to Axon events appreciate the opportunity to discover new music and artists, fostering a collective passion for the electronic music scene.

“As we move forward, the focus remains on maintaining this unique blend of elements that keeps the Axon community coming back for more unforgettable experiences.”

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As we enter 2024, we wanted to know what Axon Presents has in store for the year: “Brace yourself for a potential special St. Paddy’s Day event at 24 Kitchen Street, featuring a key name representing Ireland and a killer lineup. Garage enthusiasts might be in for a treat, as we have another thrilling garage night on the horizon! As for Baltic Weekender, who knows- maybe a round two is incoming…

“Looking ahead to the next university year, I’ve got some really special – and ambitious – plans in the pipeline, which will all be revealed in due course. Stay tuned for an electrifying year ahead with Axon Presents!”

Catch Axon’s next event on Friday 9th February 2024 at WAV Liverpool. Tickets available here.

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