Meet the first lot of Liverpool BNOCs and vote now in Heat One

Votes are now open!

We asked you guys to vote for who you think deserves to be named the biggest name on campus and these nominees really took the term BNOC to the next level.

Even though it’s only the first heat, some of these nominees are nothing less than extreme. As proved by our nominees, being a laugh and a liability comes hand in hand, and their responses certainly did not disappoint. This only consolidates Liverpool’s party animal reputation, and at The Tab Liverpool, we sincerely couldn’t be more proud.

So, here is your first heat of BNOCs- vote wisely, and not just based on looks!

Tomos Williams, second-year Sport Psychology student at LJMU

Tomos sees himself as a bit of a party animal, describing himself as “reckless, funny and unique” and reckless is definitely accurate.

We asked him about his wildest Liverpool clubbing story, to which he told us that he bumped into a hen do in Concert Square, went back to their hotel room and pretended to be a stripper for them. To finish the night off, Tomos decided to run through Mersey Tunnel to Birkenhead. Meanwhile, I can’t make it up Brownlow Hill without breaking a sweat.

He claimed he deserves to be BNOC because there’s “no challenge or dare I won’t do if I know it’ll make people laugh, and not many people can say they’ve been a stripper and ran the tunnel after a night out.”

No, they certainly can’t Tomos.

Dragan Matijevic, third-year Chemistry student at UoL

This next BNOC was nominated purely because “his name is fucking Dragan” and I think we can all respect that.

Dragan describes himself as “decent, down to earth and approachable” and I honestly don’t think I’ve heard anything more wholesome.

Dragan’s wildest Liverpool night out story involves him dressing up as a dragon (of course) on a Level Wednesday as you can see in the picture above.

When we asked him why he believed he deserves to be Liverpool’s BNOC he simply replied, “because everyone knows Dragan RAWWW”, and I don’t really think any more needs to be said on that absolute piece of poetry.

Zeenia Naqvee, third-year English student at UoL

Zeenia was nominated for BNOC because “she looks like Kim K” (best compliment ever) and described herself as “outgoing, bold and impulsive”. And due to her Kardashian-esque looks, she also got herself into a bit of trouble in her wildest night out story.

Zeenia was in Revs when some “weird old French guys” approached them. Of course, being the BNOC she is, she can speak French, and so made some friendly conversation with them. They bought her and her friend drinks but it soon turned a bit raunchy, so she did what any other girl would do when being chatted up by a creepy old man and ran away with her free drinks. Later on in the night, they bumped into them again, where the men proceeded to swear and shout at them in French. I don’t think they handled the rejection very well.

When we asked her why she deserves to be BNOC, Zeenia said that she loves all humans, and always aims “to make people feel included, even if they’re not similar to me.” So sweet!

Frank Atkinson, first-year Finance student at UoL

Described as “Tinder’s finest”, and holding the impressive skill of being able to “piss through a cheerio” (not sure how he found that one out), Frank Atkinson is yet another nominee in the race to be crowned Liverpool’s BNOC. Frank describes himself as “spicy, dangerous and a legend”, which are big words that his reputation certainly lives up to.

His best Liverpool night out story involves him pretending to be sick on a girl, instead of his mate, so his mate could pull her. Not quite sure on the logistics of how that worked, but he sounds like a great friend and a top-notch wingman, even with his unorthodox methods.

Frank thinks he deserves to be BNOC because he can “chop a pint in three seconds”, and if that doesn’t sum up Liverpool uni students in a sentence, I’m not sure what does. Simple, yet very very effective.

Think you’ve made your mind up about who in heat one deserves to make it to the final round of Liverpool BNOC? Vote below to have your say:

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