Liverpool BNOC 2021 nominations are now open!

Do you think you or someone you know has what it takes to be crowned Liverpool’s BNOC 2021?

With the warm summer days in Sefton on the horizon and the end of the academic year only a couple of months away, it’s time to look back on the year and reflect on the bizarre year we’ve just had. Did a certain someone make your 9am Zoom calls bearable? Is there a name on campus everyone knows because they’re just mental? Or are you, a hilariously charming individual, the rightful heir to the BNOC throne?

It’s a fact: Being crowned the Biggest Name on Campus is an achievement that will stand out on your CV more than any degree, society, or sports rep ever could. Maybe you’ve been getting non-stop 2:2s and now wondering how you’ll pull it out of the bag, perhaps you didn’t partake in any extra-curricular and want to add something to your academic achievements, or maybe you just know you’re the Biggest Name on Campus and need the recognition. Cut the fear, Liverpool BNOC 2021 is here!

By filling in the form below, you’ll potentially be entered into a round of votes for the people of Liverpool to have their say on who should win. If you win these rounds, you’ll then go forward to compete with the winners of the other rounds to be crowned BNOC 2021. Think you’ve got what it takes? So, if you believe that you or any of your mates have a shot at winning, fill in the form below and you might hear from us on Instagram very soon. Good luck!

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