QUIZ: Plan a Liverpool night out and we’ll tell you your Greggs order

Going to Level is the most sausage roll decision ever

There are two things that are arguably the pride of northern livelihoods: Greggs and having the best nightlife in the UK. The cheap drinks, feeling safe walking around wearing basically just lingerie, the limitless options for food when you’ve heard enough Disney songs in Level or tired of rubbing up against sweaty strangers – Liverpool really does have it all.

So, what better way to guess your Greggs order than by planning your ideal night out in Liverpool? Reminding you of the good times before the pandemic hit may seem a bit cruel, sorry, but if we’re all in lockdown then we figured you could do with the break from endless Tinder swiping or staring at your ceiling right now.

In loving memory of the best nightlife out there and to appreciate the wonder that is Greggs, take our quiz to see if your choice in clubbing has anything to do with your Greggs order:

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