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Students march from the Guild to join Climate Strike in Liverpool city centre

Around 2000 people protested on the streets

The Global Climate Strike took place on Friday which saw students and staff gather in University Square just after midday, before marching down Mount Pleasant to join the main protest at St George's Hall.

The crowds carried signs, peacefully blocked traffic in the roads and chanted "system change, not climate change" in an effort to raise awareness for the current climate emergency and draw the attention of Liverpool City Council.

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Protesters gathered outside the Victoria Building before the march

The march eventually joined the crowds at St George's Hall which included representatives from The Green Party, Extinction Rebellion and organisers YouthStrike4Climate.

Speeches were given by protesters such as Tom Crone, Liverpool City Councillor of the Green Party, who said: "we need to start walking the walk" and the only way to bring about real change was to "get out on the streets every month."

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An estimated 2000 people protested at St George's Hall

Youth activists also taught protesters chants like "Boris Johnson, hey you, we deserve a future too" and "climate change is not a lie, please don't let our planet die."

Jon, who is studying for a MSc in in Psychology at UoL, said: "I went to give my voice to an important cause but I had more fun than I anticipated."

He added: "Joining in chants, reading signs and seeing cute dogs made for a wholesome afternoon, and knowing it was all to try and save our planet made it even better!"

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Harvey was the best climate striker!

The protesters then marched down Bold Street, around Liverpool One and Dale Street, and gathered once more at the Queen Victoria Monument to give more speeches.

Paula Barker, the North West Regional Convenor of Unison, the UK's largest trade union, also spoke at the event. She declared the union's solidarity with the climate strike and praised the protesters in Liverpool on behalf of the entire North West of England.

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Best picket signs of the day by far

If you missed out on today's strike, look out for more protests in Liverpool organised by Extinction Rebellion which will be taking place from 7th October.