Here are all the best signs from today’s Climate Strike in Liverpool

“System change not climate change!!”

On Friday 20th September the streets of Liverpool were taken over by protesters marching as part of the Global Climate Strike. The event was organised by YouthStrike4Climate with representatives from Extinction Rebellion, Unison, the Green Party and UCU.

The organisers estimated that around 2000 people took part in the demonstration, and the Liverpool Tab trawled the crowds to find the best of their signs, ranging from hilarious memes to grave statistics.

For the full scoop, be sure to head over to our Instagram story highlights, but here are our fave signs from some very cool protesters:

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'Cuz soon every building will be beachfront property

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She's Jasmine Masters and she has something to say: save the planet

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Squad goals against coal(s)

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What she said

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#Priorities. Aliens won't wanna visit a dead planet

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The space theme was clearly popular today

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Yeah, Theresa!!!

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This sign has some legs to stand on

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Who doesn't love Bill Nye?

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Same sis, same

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Straight facts

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They lolli-popped off

If you have a banging idea for a sign and missed out on today's strike, keep an eye out for international strikes organised by Extinction Rebellion that will be taking place from 7th October.