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How’d your exam go? Where to celebrate in Liverpool based on how well you did

Let’s face it, you’ll probably have a drink either way

The last week of the academic year is upon us and we can almost taste the freedom. What's the one thing standing between you and your summer? Exams. Whether you bombed out in the Crypt Hall, or sailed through your paper in the Guild, the most important thing is deciding where you're going to recover. Here are all our suggestions for your post-exam routine, according to how it went.

You absolutely smashed it!

Feel like you definitely secured the 2:1? You lucky sod! Get yourself down to Cava , get some tequila in your system and hit Concert Square like it's the strip in Maga. Definitely splash out on Nabzy's chips and all.

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Name a more iconic post-exam reward, I'll wait

You're shook that you managed to pull off a dece exam

Sometimes your late-night and last-minute revision pays off. So, if you managed to blag your way through all the questions on your paper, that calls for some celebratory bevs. Whether you hit up classic faves like the Brookie or the Sphinx, or you're feeling fancy and head to Kazimier Gardens, grab yourself a well-earned pint.

Meh. You could've done better

Exams don't always go to plan and that's okay, but you'll probably feel guilty if you go out drinking after you didn't do all that well. That doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yo'self though – have some downtime in the Cat Cafe, or chow down on an American Pizza Slice to help you forget about the last 3 hours of your life.

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There's nothing that a cuppa and a cat can't fix

"Got any summer plans?" they ask, "Retakes," you say

You revised just enough to get that holy 40%, but you still aren't convinced that you managed it. This calls for another trip to Cava, but this time to drown your sorrows. If you need a pick me up then continuing the night in old reliable La'go never disappoints! (Unlike the exam you just took.)

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La'go coming through with the inspirational quotes

It was so tragic that you left after half an hour

Drastic times call for drastic measures, so you should probably go straight to Lime Street to get a train home to the comfort of your family and a decent meal. If you're from the south, Scotland or abroad, then Facetiming from your bed in the dark with an order from Midnight Delivery has the same sort of effect.

Your next exam is tomorrow morning!!

For most people, the day after an exam is a day of rest. But not for you. You're headed straight for the SJ – good luck finding a seat though. If you need to have a cry on campus then be sure to make full use of those break cards in the library.

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There really is no judgement in exam season

Whatever happens, we made it

Whether you feel like you did well or not, it's not worth thinking about until results on 1st July, to be honest. Either way, The Liverpool Tab congratulates you on making it through this year!