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Kaz Gardens, The Merchant and The Pilgrim: The most underrated places in Liverpool

Yes, there is more to life then Baa Bar

If we're being 100 per cent honest, surely you're fed up of Conny Square by now? It will always have a hold on any student who chooses Liverpool; there really is something about swaying under the Modo heaters at 3am on a Sunday morning. Magical.

But that isn't all Liverpool's nightlife has to offer. If you look closely there are some belta gaffs who deserve more credit than the bloody third floor in Level does (soz Level 3, still love ya).

Depending on the type of night you're after, hopefully this will broaden your horizons and make you sound cool when someone replies "Oh I've never been there, is it good?".

So, let's try and start this in a classy way (like most night outs tbh):

The Merchant

This gin bar is just best. In the grooviest of settings, there's gin, pizza and themed music nights – what more could you want? Just a skip and a hop from McCooleys, why not give it a whirl.

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If you're after a good old piss up, then there's only one place to go. This little gem plays the best music; you can be pure giving it bean to Alex Turner on second and then dancing in formation to a bit of Bey the next. It's shots galore and the beer is super cheap; what's not to love? Maybe La' go there on your next night out.

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The Newington Temple

Sometimes it's nice to just go and have a chill bev and chat, The Newington Temple is perfect. Just off Bold Street, it's ideal for a midweek work break and with a jukebox packed with tracks, you can't go wrong.

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Kazimier Garden

Sometimes it's nice to just have one or two drinks, who knew ay? So why not all get wrapped up and take a trip down to Kazimier Garden. This funky little find never fails to impress. With outdoor seating, a fire and a DJ, it's perfect for getting the gang together. With events happening there on the reg, maybe give it a little visit soon.

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The Pilgrim

If a quiet little pint is on the cards, to break up that three hour stunt in the library, then maybe try The Pilgrim. It's a chill little gaff with decent music and all the beer you could ever need – you've just gotta fight for a seat from the Lipa Kids. Yeah we get you're an actor mate, but move!

Santa Chupitos

If some funky music is what you're after, then you need a bit of Santa Chupitos in your poor student life. The outside really doesn't give away the brightly coloured wall that lies within. Why not grab a bev before the night begins and enjoy a bit of actual music before some D&B shit drowns your ears?

Well there you have it, a list of some decent Liverpool bars that you may have yet to discover. Yes, we're all poor and yes, we're all drowning in work, but most importantly, we can still have a good time.