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We asked the Guild President candidates for the naughtiest thing they’d ever done

‘What is your field of wheat?’


The elections for Guild President are now open and we all know how impersonal canvasing week can feel. Policies aside, it can often feel like you’re not getting a real glimpse into the lives and personalities of the people set to run Liverpool’s student union next year, so we asked them what their "running through a field of wheat" moment was and why students should vote for them. Here’s what they had to say:

Adnan Hussain

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My running through wheat moment was definitely wearing Hello Kitty glasses to Kitchen Street.

Students should vote for me because I'd like to make the Guild central to students lives and make it more interactive as well as campaigning for cheaper accommodation

Insta: @adnan4president

Bertie Woodcock

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One Christmas I was given an electronic toy parrot that played back whatever you said. I spoke into it a phrase I’d heard at school and ran into a room of around 20 family friends and in complete silence held the parrot aloft as it repeatedly said "F*** off".

I want to destroy the business of dodgy landlords, save Smithdown, help the uni to help our planet and do everything I can to decrease the extremely high dropout rate.

Bethany Blackford-Jones

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One time in Year 5, I got 'Bethany BJ' printed on the back of my school hoody thinking I was cool (my innocent mind was clueless), and I was pulled into a meeting with my teachers and was told to ask my parents why I was now banned from wearing the hoodie to school… I haven't really lived the name down since so now I'm just owning it (you'll see it on my posters!!).

Mental Health services are failing students. I promise to do everything I can to begin to change this and make sure that nobody feels unheard.

Insta: @bethanybj4guildpres


Twitter: @votebethanybj

Dylan Thomson

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My running through a field of wheat moment is probably when my friend tried to teach me how to drive in another friend’s car. She started me in reverse (which probably isn't part of the instructor handbook) and when I put it into first I panicked and slammed on the accelerator instead of the break, raced up a little hill (we were in a field) and down into a ditch. All but wrote off her car…safe to say I haven't stepped behind a wheel since.

As co-president of three societies, I have been highly active in the student community advocating social and economic equality through campaigning for the eradication of homelessness and divestment from fossil fuels. Elect me to fight for cheaper rent, a North-West careers fair, and access to education for asylum seekers. #Dylivering

Insta: @dylivering


Twitter: @dylivering

Eddy Gosney

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When I was five and my sister was three, I covered the whole TV in Thomas the Tank Engine stickers and blamed my sister (sorry Katie) so she got really told off! I only admitted to my mum two years ago that it was me!

Students should vote for me because after four years at the university of Liverpool I feel that I now have the experience to lead the student body. My involvement with various societies such as LUST and LUMS and my role as manufacturing manager of the the university’s Formula Student team has allowed me to develop the leadership skill for presidency.


Erin Kearns

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If we’re going for a PG rating on this, I got put on behaviour support in Year 6 for laughing at a teacher who fell up the stairs on a piece of orange peel.

A friend commented on the fact that I looked like I had my life all figured out the other day because I’ve been channeling my presidential look wearing blazers to uni and drinking coffee. So if you want a leader that seems to look the part, is truly passionate about changing the way mental health is approached at uni and will fight to reduce extra costs so you have more money for nights out, back the only Scouse girl running!

Insta: @ezforprez2019


Twitter: @ezforprez2019

Hannah Nguyen

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I’d say running through a field of wheat haha.

As your Deputy President I’ve run mental health forums, led on Call It Out and organised Refugee Action Week. Re-elect me to continue the fight for fossil fuel divestment, better fundraising for our key charities and a Guild that does more to engage all students in activism and democracy! #YesWeHanAgain.

Instagram @VoteHannah4Pres


Jodie Sylvester

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I told my parents that I was going to do NCS. I actually went to Reading Festival instead and they still haven’t found out. When you’re 17 that feels pretty wild.

Students should vote for me because I plan on delivering real radical change. Tackling sexual assault, scrapping graduation fees and securing better bursaries for more students are all things I plan to do that will positively impact their lives.

Insta: @jodiesylvester4prez


Twitter: @sylvester4prez

Snapchat: @sylvester4prez

Noura Qusairy

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I jumped in the sea at 2am in the morning!

My expertise in representing students on a national scale, made me fully aware and more passionate about student issues. Most importantly, through the past three years, I have gathered complaints for the most issues that students face. I have included most of them in my manifesto. So make your vote count by voting for me.

Instagram: @nouraqusairy


Olivia Lever

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In my first year I carried a chair home from town after a night out, I have no idea where the chair came from, but I managed to carry it all the way up the hill to Crown. I still have the chair in my living room.

I’m confident and do not take no for an answer. As a course rep and society committee member I have experience in fighting for issues that students care about. Vote Lever and I will make sure that your well being and university experience will be improved!

Insta: @lever4guildpres


Twitter: @Lever4GuildPres

Ryan Willmott

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Naughtiest thing I’ve ever done is probably steal food for a whole year in my first year in supermarkets and the other thing is a secret, since I’d certainly be arrested for it.

People should vote for me because I will make sure students deserve the respect and the support they need at Liverpool. Liverpool needs a leader who has experience and integrity, who will stand in front of the issues being faced at us and being forward thinking and proactive with students can make all the difference. I will back you with values and the representation that you can be proud of.


Vote now here at the Guild website.