Connie Compton-Stewart

Connie Compton-Stewart
Liverpool University


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The best last minute graduation dinner spots in Liverpool

Bugger the grades, bring on the grub

Man found dead in Kensington McDonald’s toilet

Man in his 70s pronounced dead at the scene

All the strangest and most annoying exercises we’ve witnessed in the uni gym

Is the six pack worth it?

We asked the Guild President candidates for the naughtiest thing they’d ever done

‘What is your field of wheat?’

All the places in Liverpool that you can get flippin’ good pancakes

Where to get your 2019 Shrove Tuesday fix

Concert Square fire last night hospitalises three people

Four fire engines attended the scene

A man in his 20s has been stabbed on Alderson Road

Police are appealing to anyone with information

Exclusive: Liverpool students living in halls receive ‘academic sanctions’ if they fail to meet rent payments

Sanctions include being denied access to libraries and their university email

Students still experiencing problems accessing UoL eResources

The reason you can’t finish your essay

Campus style: Four staples you need to stay warm and stylish in uni

Stop pretending you’re not freezing like the rest of us

The 2018 Liverpool Tab-vent Calendar

A run down of all the festive events in the run up to Christmas

Ru Paul winner Aquaria denied entry to Heaven nightclub for wearing trackies

Heaven explained in a statement how trackies are not allowed at most late night venues

How to resurrect your Concert Square love life this Halloween

Off to find myself a “boo”

We visited the five most haunted locations in Liverpool and now I leave the light on every night

Jeepers, it was scary

Liverpool John Moores’ SU claimed they didn’t know about the tramp socials, but they did

They liked their Instagram photo of the 2017 tramp social ffs

Liverpool John Moores’ Trampoline society host ‘tramp’ themed social

The social has been an annual event since 2014

‘I couldn’t breathe because the crush was so bad’: Liverpool students upset after overcrowded AU night

Long queues and ‘crushing’ dance floors left students unsatisfied

Spotted: Corbyn calling numbers at Liverpool’s Bongo’s Bingo last night

Jezza autographed a cardboard cutout of himself and was greeted with roars of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’

Elderly couple become the University of Liverpool’s oldest graduates

Couple goals af

Campaign group plaster Liverpool with ‘transphobic’ stickers saying ‘women don’t have penises’

‘Biology is not bigotry. Gender is a social construct’

Abercomby Square to screen The Greatest Showman at open air cinema

South campus is going to ‘Come Alive’ in more ways than one this freshers week

The cringiest posts from the Liverpool freshers page and group chat

Who’s ready to meet the fresh meat on campus?

People who stop clubbing because they’re in relationships are the absolute worst

Clubbing isn’t boring. You’re boring.

All the places in Liverpool to OD on chocolate this Easter

How to ruin your beach body before the diet even started

Topman withdraws ’96’ t-shirt due to Hillsborough controversy

Liverpool fans have taken to social media to voice their outrage

New ‘film set’ themed live music venue opening in Liverpool

Coming from the creators of Ghetto Golf

The Tab’s survey reveals which clubs in Liverpool are the worst for sexual assault

91 per cent of you think clubs should be doing more

Doing it for the pension and for the gram: The most aesthetically pleasing UCU protest pics

Y’all getting cute on the picket line

Breaking: UCU protesters have occupied the VC’s room in the Foundation Building

And they have the Guild’s backing

Lecturers on strike? How to throw a party in your lecture hall

While the cat’s away the mice will drink tequila

The results are in: Who is Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor?

You’re gonna like this one

The results are in: Who is Liverpool’s most eligible bachelorette?

And the real question, is she available tonight?

Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelorette: FINALS

Who takes the gold? Vote for your favourite bachelorette and spread the love…

Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor: FINALS

Haven’t you heard? It’s almost time to crown our king!

Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat three

It’s time to choose your final contestant…

Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat two

Once, twice, three times a lady….

Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor: Heat two

Only you can decide who makes it to the final

Planet Earth: Sydney Jones Safari

In the deepest darkest corners of silent study who knows what we may find…

Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor: Heat one

The boys are back in town

Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat one

Here come the girls…

University of Liverpool students are fed up of getting essays back weeks late

It’s a double standard faced by students up and down the country

Nominate Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor or bachelorette

And yes, you can apply on your flatmate’s behalf

What’s going on this Halloween in Liverpool?

Trick or treat?

All the ways to find a seat in the SJ after 10am

Here’s your how-to guide on finding a place to revise in the Sydney Jones

What do other universities think of University of Liverpool?

Cheesey chips and curry sauce anyone?

There’s a giant ball pit coming to Liverpool this summer

We can’t think of any better way to kick off the summer

Student arrested on suspicion of attacking girl in broad daylight on Abercromby Square

Police are calling for witnesses to contact them with any information concerning the incident

Whether in the SJ or in bed, posting revision pics on socials makes you look like a knob

You’re just making the rest of us feel guilty

VIDEO: 699 bus driver fighting member of public at Carnatic Halls

You can hear the cyclist shouting “Let go, I said let go”

We can guess where you should live in Liverpool based on your fav night out

It’s scientific

Getting lucky in SOHO or the SJ? Your weekly horoscope from Cosmic Connie

With just a few weeks to go until Easter, will your stars align?

Your guide to day drinking in Liverpool on Paddy’s Day

The national sport of Ireland

Cosmic Connie: your week seven planetary predictions

Will your stars align over Smithdown this week?

How to cope with results day today

A few handy tips to deal with your impending doom…

All the struggles you’ll face as a southerner in Liverpool

What does La even mean?

How to have a night out without leaving Smithdown

And the best part is you don’t have to sell your soul to Delta for a ride home

BREAKING: Fire on Smithdown Road

There have been no reported injuries

This is where you could fly to from Liverpool for the cost of your train ticket home

Jet-setter, go-getter

Everyone you’ll hate on the 699 by second semester

It’s a magical mystery tour

The Tab Tries: Liverpool University Quidditch

I got 99 problems (and a snitch ain’t one)

How to nail your secret Santa without leaving Smithdown

Santa Claus is coming to Smithdown!

A girl’s guide on how to pull your lecturer

Oh Professor, I’ve been a bad girl

Liverpool named 3rd most inspiring city in the UK

We’re 24th in the world, beating Venice, New York and London

Planet Earth: A Sunday on Smithdown

*David Attenborough voice*

Ten Liverpool eats that will ruin your diet but are totally worth it

The best bites this side of the Mersey

The Guild is hosting a ‘blackout’ to tackle environmental issues

They’re inviting students to a candlelit evening of acoustic music, food and fun.

Liverpool wasn’t happy at last night’s firework display

‘Was hardly a sesh’

The gym is the best Concert Square hangover cure

It’s time to accept the truth

I ate pumpkin for a week to celebrate Halloween

And it wasn’t even that bad

A comprehensive guide to Concert Square takeaways

We’ve put in the leg work so you can find your favourite quarter-pounder for less.

An elderly man attacked L1 shoppers because he thought they were clowns

The craze continues to affect locals

How to nail your Carnatic pre-drinks

2 litre Tesco vodka is the only vodka when you’re in your overdraft

Liverpool has the cheapest pints out of all universities

Bottoms up!

The scandalous stories of a Scouse cabby

The dearest and darkest stories of the local taxi cab drivers