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Endless cups of tea and fake tan nights: All the things that go on in an all-girls house

Girls just wanna have fun

So you've moved out of your respective halls or parents' house. But what next? Time to pack your bags and head on over to your new pad, with your tapestry at one side and your girlfriends at the other, what could go wrong? Here's all the things to expect from your time in an all-girls residence.

Hair gets everywhere

Try as you will, but there is no escape from this. Everywhere you go, someone's hair will follow. Hair on the stairs, hair in your bed, even the dreaded hair in the plughole, it will haunt you for the whole year.

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Fake tan night will become a ritual

And it will get everywhere. Once one of you asks the other to do her back, it's game over. Fake tan is something that spreads throughout the house, soon all of you will be doing it and comparing tips on which brand is the best (and the least orange).

You'll become each others shoulder to cry on

Date never called you back? Missing home? PMS? Bad break-up?Just need some lovin'? Your girlfriends will be there to coach you through it. Armed with chocolate and a 90's chick flick, they'll bring a smile back on your face, no matter how sad you feel that your tinder date was a total disaster.

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Dressing gowns are for life

Your new outfits will be vetted by the house

Your wardrobe will become everyone else's, but everyone else's wardrobe will become yours. Everything you buy will require the opinion of your housemates before it can hit the bright lights of Concert Square. Nothing will get past your girls.

The queue for the shower can start wars

There's always that one housemate that the phrase "I'm getting in the shower" sends everyone running for the toilet to beat them to it. If you can, choose who you share a bathroom space with wisely, you may come to regret it.

Finding the best lighting for selfies is essential

The staircase is home to the bunting, but your landlord has put yellow light bulbs on your staircase. Time to scout out the whole house to discover the best place for pre-night out pics that don't make anyone look yellow.

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No mellow yellow here

If you don't have something, someone else will

In need of a bobby pin? Frying pan? Baking tray? Change for the 699? Chances are one of your gal pals will have what you need, plus a few extra things in case of another emergency.

A cup of tea will never be too far away

The noise of a boiling kettle will become a kind of mating call for the rest of your housemates, who will then swarm the kitchen harbouring all the dirty mugs they've been hoarding in their rooms.

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Mine's milk two sugars hun x

Hangover hangouts are a must

After every night out, you will crawl out of your respective hovels, into the best space in the house, that's usually home to the girl with the tapestry, to comfort each other and catch up on last night antics. There will be tears of joy, and maybe tears of regret, but mainly laughter.

Anyone that admits they can do hair is bound for life

There's that one housemate that offered to do french braid for you once in freshers, and has since become your house hairdresser. Every night out has since resulted in you piling in her room and waiting for her to make you into a real life Rapunzel. The same applies to the girl that's now become the house MUA.

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"Can you do my makeup please"

One housemate has terrible timing

There's always that one housemate that you have to say the taxi's coming a good twenty minutes before it's actually arriving, because you know full well she won't be ready a second before. She'll be the one that paints her nails whilst trying to down her G&T. Or the one who runs to the bathroom as the 699 is about to arrive at the stop.

Someone is always the mum and someone is always the mess

Every house has this dynamic duo. They balance each other out well, and help each other through the hard times. If you don't know which one you are, just picture the number of times you've taken someone home versus the amount you've been taken home, you'll figure it out.