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All the things that will definitely happen when you get back to Liverpool in September

Who really wants a photo with Adam Collard?

Summer has barely begun, but the thought of uni is never erased from our minds. From the throwback posts on Instagram to impending exam results, Liverpool isn't really far from us even if we're now over a hundred miles away. To get you through the blues as you miss The Brookie and Heebies, here's the things you can look forward to in three months time, or dread tbh.

You'll meet a Love Island star on a club night

We're warning you of the inevitability of this occurrence, so you have plenty of time to persuade your mates to come Level with you. Sadly we don't imagine Dr Alex will be prescribing us any vodka cokes, but we might catch a glimpse of the likes of Jack and Wes. Not quite Kem and Chris, but having a pic to post nonetheless is 100% our type on paper.

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Wouldn't be smiling this much for Eyal

You'll realise how annoying your housemates really are

If you're going from first to second year, boy you're in for a treat. You've been tagging your mates in soppy memes all summer, but you'll be taking back those sentiments when you have to deal with Emily's dirty pots and pans alongside George's room that reeks of weed right next to yours. Where's your mum and her endless supply of Cillit Bang and Febreze when you need them?

And get majorly pissed off by first years too

You were literally a first year three months ago, but suddenly the talk of only getting 40% is grinding on you big time. We get it, you're the last crowd in Carnatic, but I'm getting real tired of you slagging off the food and Greenbank.

Do you really need to attend those seminars?

Don't kid yourself, you won't take it easy in freshers week

Might no longer be a fresher, but you're still hella fresh. The money saved on a classic wristband will just be going towards nightly visits to the Baltic Triangle. There's no point in being ashamed in your first call to nan that you can't fucking remember what happened for an entire week.

Plus you'll risk that first Raz Monday queue

You know you should just wait until week two or three, but your pal will just convince you that everyone is at some shit icebreaker so it'll basically be empty in there. Shame they forgot the hundreds of second and third years salivating over their first fat frog of the academic year. May as well camp out during the day, there's no other way you're getting in there.

The lucky ones that made it in

You'll here too many stories about summer

On the 699, in the Guild, or just your housemate that can conveniently dip into daddy's fund whenever Bangkok calls. You know exactly what they got up to via their social media spam, but they'll wanna remind you relentlessly about their time in Bali. This is more exhausting than introductory lectures.

Your student loan will be blown straight away

After a summer of not paying for food and rent at home, you'd think that we'd be rolling in cash. However, we've still managed to throw away money on things we definitely don't need, so our first instalment should be a godsend. Except when you abuse the 'free' money provided by the government, with a bank statement of simply McDonalds and Tesco Express making us more tearful than the prospect of our dissertations. In the words of Britney Spears, oops I did it again. Better luck in January I guess.

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Unfortunately not how you'll spend your days off

You won't actually do any of the plans you have in mind

"Okay once we're back, we need to go to the cat cafe, day trip to Formby and actually all buy Bongo's Bingo tickets."

Um sweetie hate to break it to you, but you're undoubtedly much more likely to spend your time eating Ben and Jerry's whilst watching Naked Attraction with your roomies.

But at least you'll be reminded why Liverpool has your heart

Don't let students in Manchester and Leeds convince you otherwise – Liverpool is the best northern uni city to be living in. From £1.60 pints in The Sphinx to mad house parties on Smithdown Road, we can't wait to spend at least another year of our youth here. You'll be wondering how you managed to endure a whole summer in Somerset once you're back.