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Tired of the library? Here are all the best places to study on campus

Because the SJ is overrated

It's coming up to that time of year when everyone has deadlines, people are starting to panic, and you're about two years behind on your wider reading. What you need is a good place to study, but the libraries are crowded, and no one can actually get any work done in a Smithdown house. But, not to worry. Merely walking distance from lecture theatres, here is a definitive list of all the best places to study on campus.

The Central Teaching Hub

The ground floor of the CTH is complete with several tables and chairs, ideal for group work. There are booths with comfy couches for you to faceplant into when revision goes wrong, or sleeping on when pulling an all-nighter. There are also several vending machines, perfect for procrastination, and the building (as strange looking as it is) is literally in the centre of campus, meaning it is extremely easy to get to and from. Ultimately, this is an excellent place to study (or, at least, pretend you are).

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Costa Coffee on Brownlow Hill

It's small, but it does the job. This place is pretty much in the centre of campus, and literally has coffee on tap. With comfy chairs and decent sized tables, you can write your essay here in peace.

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The Guild Courtyard

Sure, after a certain time trying to study here would be like trying to draw blood from a stone. But, if you get here before 8pm, it can be a really great place to get work done. With huge round tables to spread out on, or to share with a group of friends, this place is great for people who want a bit of background noise. Just a stone's throw away from the Guild shop and Starbucks, you'll have everything you need for a caffeine fuelled session of essay writing.

The Guild Library

This room upstairs in the guild is spacious, quiet, and nearly always left open. You have to be careful though, as societies may have booked it out. But for the majority of the time, this room is empty and away from all the crowds and the noise of campus. It has plenty of tables and chairs, so is also perfect for group work. And if you get hungry, simply pop downstairs for one of the famous Guild burritos. The perfect (and most delicious) way to procrastinate.

Starbucks on Myrtle Street

This branch of Starbucks is nice, spacious, and out of the way. It's very rarely busy, and right opposite the bus stop on Myrtle Street. Although the coffee may be a bit pricey, it's still a great place to attempt to get some work done.

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Crown Place Reception

If you don't mind being surrounded by freshers, Crown Place Reception can actually be a great place to work. There are tables and couches, and apart from people doing their washing or picking up post, it's mostly pretty quiet. This is a great place to get away from the crowds you often find on campus, whilst still being walking distance from everything you need. There's also pool tables and games consoles, for all your revision break needs.

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92 Degrees Coffee Shop

This quaint little cafe is just on the edge of campus, and is well frequented by many coffee connoisseurs. They take pride in their coffee, making it perfect for caffeine fuelled revision sessions. It's located on Hardman street, just round the corner from Philharmonic Court, meaning it is merely a short walk from most lecture theatres, but not too central in campus, and therefore not too busy either.

Cafe Nero in Blackwell's Bookshop

If you avoid the lunch time rush, this place is perfect for studying. Sitting surrounded by books puts you in the perfect mood to buckle down and focus on some work. Food and drinks are in huge supply, and the shop is perfect for all your stationary needs. So, if you run out of paper, or your pen runs out, you can simply run across the room and get some more. Problem solved.

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Dare I say it, you could even sit outside