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Thousands of UoL students sign petition calling for tuition fee compensation

It calls for a refund of £1079.16 per student

Last week, The Tab Liverpool reported there were plans for four weeks of strikes by members of staff at the University of Liverpool.

In response to these strikes Ying Tang, a Law student at the university, has started a petition demanding that University of Liverpool students are compensated for the loss to their education.

Ying Tang has calculated that one day of our £9,250 a year education is worth on average £77.08, and that therefore the fourteen days of strike action will lead to a loss of £1079.16 per student.

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The petition asks for this amount to be deducted from our tuition fees.

It says: "We, the students of the University of Liverpool, feel that it is fair and just that we are compensated for the loss of 14 days of our education. Mathematically, the equates to exactly £1079.16 (24 weeks x 5 days = 120 days. Each day costs roughly £77,083) and this should be deducted from our tuition fees."

As it stands, there are over 2,000 signatures on the petition, which Vice-Chancellor, Dame Janet Beer is yet to respond to.

You can sign the petition here.