Anti Libyan slave trade march taking place in Liverpool this Saturday

The march will be from St Luke’s Church to the International Slavery Museum

An anti Libyan slave trade peaceful march is set to take place in Liverpool on Saturday 9th December at 12pm.

It will be held outside of St Luke’s Church heading to the International Slavery Museum. The protest is to raise awareness and protest against the modern day slavery currently happening in Libya.

A guest speaker will be attending the event from a local charity, City Hearts, who works with victims of modern day slavery and sex trafficking.

The event page can be found here, whilst those who cannot attend the event can support the cause by signing the online petition.

Former University of Liverpool student and Vice President of Help the Homeless Society Sian explained the causes behind the protest:

“Since the assassination of Col. Ghaddaffi in 2011 Libya has become an un-policed and self-governed state. It’s lack of law enforcement has attracted refugees coming from West Africa, as they believe they will be able to flee Africa on boats from the Libyan shore.

“Unfortunately, this lack of policing has also resulted in the modern day enslaving of these refugees, as traffickers betray their passengers and sell them to locals for forced labour and sexual exploitation. Our protest will be a sister protest to the African Lives Matter Protest which will be happening simultaneously in London.

“Our aims are as follows: 1) Demand the closing of the remaining 24 reported inhuman detention centres in Libya 2) Put pressure on EU to help the situation, as their current immigration policy is making the situation worse, keeping refugees in this hell in Libya 3) Show solidarity with the victims of this horrible slave trade 4) Raise awareness of what is happening in Libya, and show that we are furiously against it.”