What do other universities think of University of Liverpool?

Cheesey chips and curry sauce anyone?

Bristol is snobby, Loughborough are just too athletic. UCL are swots and Newcastle think they’re the neatest thing since sliced bread. We all have our reservations about other universities up and down this fine nation, but what do they think about us? Who could possibly begin to find fault in our Merseyside paradise?

“If you want to study up north, I don’t see why you wouldn’t just go to Sheffield… of Manchester even.” – Jodie, Sheffield

“Isn’t it just a less good version of Leeds?” – Alanna, Bristol

“It’s shit and no one should go” – Leif, John Moores

“They wear heels to lectures” – Sophie, Royal Holloway



"Liverpool who?" – Katy, Bath

“As far as I know it’s pretty good, I’d put it up there with Manchester/Birmingham” – Josh, Sussex

“Scousers” – Tim, Southampton

“Livah-poooohl… They all sound like that right?” “Yeah, and they probably all just walk around singing Love Me Do all day” – Sarah & Lena, Canterbury

“Should not be in the Russel Group” – Olivia, Exeter

What a view!

What a view!

"A lively uni with beautiful building and a good night life" – Tilly, Loughborough

"I always thought it was a good uni in terms of intelligence and what not, good nightlife, good crowd, and OH the lambananas!" – Mary, Canterbury Christ Church

We can't get enough of em either Mary

We can't get enough of em either Mary

"Talk funny. Love the Beatles" – Hugh, Exeter Cornwall Campus

So to summaries: We'd drink a Mancunian under the table and sing Paul off stage… because we all know Ringo's the best Beatle anyway.