Cocktails and a tour on the 699: Everywhere to take your mum this Mother’s Day

Show her how boss she really is

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Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and if you’ve got your Mum coming to visit you’re in luck – Liverpool has a lot to offer. What could possibly be better than treating your birth giver to the country’s finest city?

No money? Turn yourself into a tour guide and spend the day visiting the places us students hold closest to our hearts. Treat yer ma to the best student hangouts and remind her of the fun times she once had before you existed.

Get pissed in concert square

You’re both essentially celebrating your mum’s selfless decision to bring a few more humans into the world and in order to do this she had to deny herself the sweet poison we happily consume weekly for at least nine months. That is truly admirable. Make up for the time lost by having a sesh in Concert Square, take a shot for every month she was pregnant.

Cook a meal in your Smithdown house

With the limitation of a student budget, fancy restaurants and reservations are ruled out. Treat the lady who gave you life by inviting her to your damp-ridden house and let her meet your uninvited pet rats. Lay the table, clear away the empty wine bottles and rustle together your best dish. It may consist of mainly pasta but she’ll love it.

Treat her in Black Rabbit

The usual Black Rabbit visit may involve turning up there blind drunk, necking a stranger, having some weird shots and stumbling out towards a takeaway, but not on Sunday. Take advantage of the 2-4-1 cocktails and treat your mum to the freebie. Have a catch-up over semi-free cocktails and work out if she prefers fruity flavours or goes for sours. #qualitybonding

Introduce her to the Sphinx

Mother’s Day shouldn’t start with anything other than a Sphinx breakfast. You can’t cook and she doesn’t want food poisoning, what better combination? Breakfast should be followed with a tour of an empty Sunday campus, it’s prettier when there aren’t deadline-related anxiety-ridden students moping around.

Bus tour on the 699

The 699 is where memories are created and mystical sights are spotted. Take a ride through Smithdown and campus. Point out well known attractions such as students coming out of Asda in their pyjamas, the depressing graveyard you have to see everyday and the guild in all its glory. Spend the journey recalling tales of strange encounters you’ve had on this bus and your mum will get the best gift possible, wisdom.

“Why don’t you sit up by me?”

Go up the Radio City tower

Whoever the lady this won’t fail. Scared of heights? The present is conquering a fear. Love heights? The present is doing something you love. A stunning view of Liverpool is a unique gift. Count police cars, look for abandoned buildings and defend every fault the ‘pool has to offer.


She brought you life, you bring her culture. Explore the museums, soak up some interesting history and educate the woman who seems to already know everything. Mum’s always seem to have the answer but the World Museum can teach her a thing or two. Learn together, it’ll be a new experience since you don’t make it to 90% of your lectures.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have the presence of mother dearest this weekend, don’t settle for a meal on Bold Street and a drink on Matthew Street. Show mummy what it’s like to live how you live.