Lark Lane is the best street in Liverpool

Let me talk to you about Keith’s

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O Lark Lane,  the eden of Southern Liverpool, a safe haven from the monotony of L1’s Nando’s and Pizza Express, a plethora of independent delights. If you haven’t been to Lark Lane, are you even really a Liverpool student?

Granted – it’s a bit far away and the bus routes aren’t obvious. But after a stroll through Sefton, you’ll enter past the gates of heaven and you’ll be glad you made the effort.

Smithdown’s alright, but after three years of Bargain Booze and Wavertree grime, you get a bit bored of the same old ugly road. Kensington is so horrific it’s not worth a mention. Town is too expensive, too far away and way to busy. So what’s left? Lark Lane.

Bored of eating the same food again and again in town? You can find all the cuisines you need in one place at this Aigburth retreat: Moroccan cuisine take your fancy? Try Arabesque Bazaar. Tapas on your mind? Take your pick from three. Feeling peckish for some meat? The Meat Factory might sound like an abattoir but its burgers are the best going in the city. Sick of queuing at The Tavern? Walk that extra mile and have your eggs brightside at The Moon & Pea without the wait.

And we haven’t even mentioned the beverage providers – for shabby chic hit up Keith’s Wine Bar. It’s had a bit of a make-over but still feels like you’ve walked into a wartime French bistro. The wine list might be a bit pricey but boy, is it good. For an authentic atmosphere and less risk of being spat at by some hockey lads, switch the Brookie for this high class haunt.

If you want more for your buck, pop down to The Albert. Supposedly popular with Hitler when he visited Liverpool (Let’s move on from this), it’s attractions now are live music, pub quizzes and questionable history.

The best thing about Lark Lane, though? The scenery. Once you’ve gorged yourself on the street’s gourmet delights, you can waddle back home to Smithdown along the scenic route. Walking past the huge victorian villas might make you feel like Oliver Twist (they were all built by Liverpool merchants looking for some greenery  away from the city) but they’re easy on the eye. Then you’ll enter Sefton Park and feel transported from the city to a green and pleasant land (Shout out my main man Blake). After the intensity of the breakfasting experience, you’ll be glad to walk off those calories.

If you’ve got someone to take on a date, or you just want to pretend to your parents that you don’t live in the squalor of Smithdown, Lark Lane is the oasis of Liverpool. Whether it’s covered in autumnal leaves or frosted up during the Winter, it always looks like a scene from a rom com.

Take our advice – get yo’ arse down to Aigburth.