Police are randomly searching cars by the Smithdown Graveyard

They are continuing the fight against gun crime

Following yesterday’s fatal shooting near Lawrence road, Merseyside Police have launched a campaign to tackle gun crime in the city.

This evening saw a large police presence perform random stop and searches on cars in front of the Smithdown Road Graveyard.

A policewoman told The Tab, “It’s an engagement process. We’re giving some road safety advice and also asking the public for their help to tell us what they know, if they know anything about where guns are located or if they’re not comfortable talking to us, reminding them of the Crimestoppers charity and giving them the details.

“The dogs are here cos it sends the other message as well, to say to criminals that they can’t use the roads and that we’ll be out there to respond to them.”

Crimestoppers is urging anyone who has information on the location of guns and those responsible for storing, supplying and firing them to contact them on 0800 555 111.