There’s going to be a ‘Mass Shagging Of Eachother’ at the Bombed out Church

What a way to end the year

In light of the shambles that is politics in 2016, a saviour named Matty German has decided to hold a “Shag Fest” at the Bombed Out Church to help us all deal with Brexit and Trump’s win.

The description reads, “There is to be a mass shagging of eachother, due to the fact we may aswell! Trump is president, Brexit, Nuclear war is imminent, if we are gonna say BYE BYE DRIVER may aswell do it in style! An what better place than at the bombed out church”


People have been posting on the wall with ways they can help out, with Sean Wilson asking, “You got anyone doing the music? I’ve got a mint Barry White collection!”

Sounds perf, Sean.

A man named simply Our Barry enquired about plus ones, posting, “Do you allow pets in I’ve got a teacup Chihuahua”

Michael Dowding posted “Bagsy being the cum bucket,” and it also looks like ex-Guild Deputy President Alex Ferguson is going to make an appearance too.


Lucy, third year politics student told us, “I’ll definitely be attending. Everyone needs a seriously good shag after today’s news.”

The date is set for this Friday 11th November, don’t miss out.