Liverpool has the cheapest pints out of all universities

Bottoms up!

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Liverpool has been officially crowned as the cheapest pint out of any university across the UK. At a stonking £1.30 there’s no more excuses for not getting a cheeky stein at the Brooky or a pint with your bratwurst in Bierkeller. So basically, Liverpool students can afford to get wasted and be less into their loan than other unis.

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Thanks to’s new University Price Index, Liverpool is able to proudly proclaim that we get best value for money when buying a pint of beer at university. Surprisingly the Southern unis, UWE and UCLAN also tied with Liverpool at £1.30 a pint.

The next most expensive was then Cardiff at £1.69 per pint and the average cost of a pint amongst the competitors stands at £2.17. At £3.63 Cambridge currently host the most expensive pint, they may be smart, but what’s the point in brain cells if you can’t afford to kill a few at the local?

Some happy lpool customers

Tom, a second year German and Computer Science student said, “One of the many reasons I prefer the North is that you can get mashed for half the price!”

Have a look at the table below to see if the cost of a pint at your uni will break or make your bank account…

Belfast – £2.40

Birmingham – £2.80

Bristol – £1.80

Cambridge – £3.63

Cardiff – £1.69

Edinburgh – £1.99

Exeter – £2.82

Glasgow – £1.75

John Moores – £1.70

Kent – £3.10

King’s – £2.60

Leeds – £2.45

London – £2.30

Liverpool – £1.30

Manchester – £2.50

Newcastle – £1.90

Northumbria – £2.50

Nottingham – £2.50

Plymouth – £1.70

Portsmouth – £1.70

Sheffield – £2.50

Southampton – £2.00

Strathclyde – £2.10

Trent – £2.30

UCLan – £1.30

UWE – £1.30

Warwick – £1.90