You can now control the music in the guild using an app

Someone put Rebecca Black on repeat

DJ guild liv uni liverpool music The Guild

The Guild has revealed today that the music in the courtyard of the Guild can be controlled using a free app called ‘Secret DJ’.

In a tweet this morning, the guild announced that by downloading the app and selecting the location, you can use a virtual jukebox to request songs be played in the venue. You can request up to 3 songs a day free, before having to ‘top up credit’, with one song costing 50p, and 5 for £1.

The app has different playlists which you can choose bangers from You can also see what’s being played and who else is around. The downside is that everyone can see if you’re in the venue with no option to turn it off, making the possibility of stalking your ex round campus 10 times easier.

How long will it take for someone to hijack this and only play Busted for four hours?