The Guild

The Guild are taking down the ‘Ban Pro-Life’ petition from their website

They say that banning it violates the university free speech policy

Shutting down the ‘Pro-Life Society’ isn’t liberal — it’s the exact opposite

‘No longer is the university an open, tolerant, marketplace of ideas, but a huge, stifling bubble’

A petition has been started to ban Liverpool pro-life society

The Guild President has released a statement

The Guild are now offering cheaper pints on a Friday

Affordable alcoholism

You can now control the music in the guild using an app

Someone put Rebecca Black on repeat

Guild DP shows us his cheekbones modelling for Liverpool clothing brand

Jack your body

LMSS Scandal: Student Medics request formal proceedings against University

‘The Petitioners’ claim that the University has failed to comply with its own regulations and have complained to the Ombudsman for Higher Education.

There’s a Twitter Q&A with the new Student Officer candidates next week

Just tweet #SOaskthem with your question

The Guild is hosting Take Me Out for charity

Looking for your soulmate?

The Guild are hosting a vintage fashion charity show

There’s a free cocktail in it for ya too

Medigate continues: Guild releases statement about why they axed LMSS

Basically because of girls, boys and money

The Guild shop barriers are the new gates to hell

They’re blocking the path to our dreams

We spoke to the main man behind the Guild’s Comedy Central night

It was at the Cellar

Guild are hosting two hour climate change campaign

Listen up David Cameron

The Guild’s first club night is a huge success

Guild’s done good

Guildy Pleasures

UoL’s burlesque dancers are in uproar after the Guild bans the classes

Liverpool’s Film Guide: October

Who knew the bombed-out church and FACT were the places to catch a hot new flick?

We’ll be there!

LGOS are hosting their ‘I Was There’ party this Saturday to celebrate the £10 million guild refurbishment.