You can now get free tampons and pads in the toilets of the guild

FemSoc campaigned for it

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Tampons and pads will now be available in all gender neutral and disabled toilets in the guild.

This morning Liverpool’s Feminist Society published on their Facebook page that they have worked with The Guild and have succeeded in getting free sanitary products provided in the Guild toilets. FemSoc are active in campaigning for free sanitary products for everyone nationally.

The sanitary products are available in gender neutral and disabled toilets to make sure they are available to people of all genders, that have periods who might choose not to use women’s toilets. The easiest accessible gender neutral toilets and disabled loo are next to the Sphinx bar, there are more all around the building.

It was implemented through the Guild’s ‘Change It‘ scheme.

With such attractive baskets, who knew periods could be so cute??

Grace, who is the Engagement and Outreach officer for Femsoc and the one who began the proposal, told the Tab:

I submitted the change it proposal for free sanitary products to be available in public toilets within the guild, in the hopes that it would be a catalyst for positive change. I had an overwhelming response to the proposal, and since Christmas have been working with Emma Sims to make it work. I’m so excited that it’s finally happening!

“This is a huge step forward for the Guild but also for those who experience periods on campus. If you’re caught short on campus, you needn’t worry. They’ll be available in the disabled toilet close to the Sphinx, as well as the gender neutral toilets on the first floor.”

Grace continued:

“We’ve recently heard that sanitary products will no longer be taxed as luxury items which is great news, but those who get periods should not be punished for something that is natural and in most cases, unavoidable. Sanitary products should be free!

“They’re available in gender neutral and disabled toilets specifically to make the products more accessible to any trans and non-binary students.”

Kate, a second year History student told the Tab, “This is such a good idea and a great achievement for FemSoc! It’s good to know the Guild and uni are in support of feminists and people’s needs.

“Especially students who are always pretty short on money, tampons are a necessity and not a luxury so I think they should be free everywhere. It’s also handy because periods aren’t always consistent, you never know when you might be caught short.”