The SJ has been evacuated

Everyone’s huddling in Abercromby Square

evacuate evacuation fire library sj students sydney jones

The Sydney Jones library has been evacuated, following a fire alarm in the building.

Students were stranded outside around the building and in Abercromby Square.

The evacuation came after the fire alarm went off at around 2pm.

The famous library twitter account was quick to react on Twitter. They said: “Outside the blast zone”.

In their normal satirical voice, they also reminded library users to walk: “OUT of the building with the fire alarm not INTO it”.

They then followed this up with: “Remember to leave the blast zone of death” and “If you are asked to leave the building please do not argue with the fire wardens. You cannot stay in the building”.

They also then tweeted that sanctuary can be sought to those temporarily evacuated from SJ over in the Harold Cohen, with the hashtag “#walkonthewildside”.