Brooklyn Mixer will be closed for another two months

It was decided after allegations of violence and disorder

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The club on Seel Street was issued a temporary closure of two weeks earlier this year and has now been ordered a two-month closure order.

The decision was made at a hearing in court after the host of Monday night’s Block Party was deemed to be the scene of ‘violence’ and ‘disorder’.

However, describing the next two months as a ‘cooling off’ period, the courts will consider reopening the club sooner if an agreement can be made between the bar and the police, providing that the club bosses agree to new safety measures with the police and Liverpool council.

Brooklyn Mixer was already closed for a fortnight after allegations of violence involving door staff and customers raised police fears.

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Concerns with the club date back to April and include claims of bottles being used as weapons and threats involving knives.

The Judge told the court he was satisfied the order was necessary to prevent further ‘disorder’ and said: “I’m grateful to the parties for the time taken in respect of this.

“I think it’s the right outcome. It’s a situation where I use the term ‘cooling off’.

“That’s what it is, a kind of standby where people can look where they can go from here.”

Psychology student Yasmin Ahmed told the Tab: “I’ve only been to Brooklyn Mixer on a Monday once but I prefer the Raz so I’ll just keep going there anyway.”

Brooklyn Mixer

Cool It Liverpool has since moved the Monday night event just down the road to Heebies.

Second year Psychology student Niamh McGrattan told the Tab: “I went to Heebies last Monday instead of Brooklyn Mixer and it was such a good night that I’m not too worried if it doesn’t move back for a while.”

For more information visit the Cool It Liverpool Facebook page.

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