Nicola Gwyer

Nicola Gwyer
Liverpool University


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Liverpool restaurant weirdly promotes Steak and Blowjob Day

The website includes a guide on how to give head

I slept on the street with the Help the Homeless society

We’ve raised over £2,000 so far

Kelly Rowland and Ciara spotted in Liverpool

The Destiny Child’s star was spotted outside the Titanic hotel

The Tab tries: working a shift at Krunchy Fried Chicken

Working Krunchy Fried, what a way to make a living

There’s going to be a danceathon for charity in the Guild

With added glow sticks and rave lights

JMU student who joined ISIS has been ‘killed in Syria’

Raphael Hostey, who fought under the name Abu Qaqa al-Britani, is believed to have died in Syria in the last week.

You can raise money for the homeless by eating breakfast

It’s called the Big Boss Brekkie Week

New Slater Street pizza place is giving away 2,500 slices of pizza

It’s to celebrate the opening of Nightcrawler Pizza.

Guild sandwich thieves steal from Help the Homeless Society

It’s been happening since February

Could you be the next journalist, vlogger or photographer at Sound City Festival?

The festival is launching a competition to find the ‘ultimate student festival team’

The Northern Lights will be visible from Liverpool tonight

Get your telescopes out, lads.

There’s a Twitter Q&A with the new Student Officer candidates next week

Just tweet #SOaskthem with your question

The Guild’s anonymous listening service Nightline has been launched

The service will be open from 8pm to 8am, seven days a week

The ultimate A-Z of Liverpool dates

F is for Ferguson. Alex Ferguson.

The Guild are launching a #RainbowLaces campaign to tackle homophobia in sport

Sports teams will be given rainbow laces to wear at Varsity

Brooklyn Mixer will be closed for another two months

It was decided after allegations of violence and disorder

Third years may soon be able to re-sit exams in August

Students would currently have to re-sit the entire year if they fail

Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison will be gracing Garlands on Thursday

She’ll be there for the return of Gossip!

There was a huge bomb scare in Liverpool City Centre this morning

Police cordoned off the area after a man claimed to have ‘suspicious package’

How to relive Carnatic in second year

Enjoy those soggy chips once more

Liverpool’s first cat café will be opening next year

Prayers have been answered

There’s going to be real reindeer in the Guild on Friday

A real one

Tweet the Guild your wish and they’ll grant it

They’ve even given out free Burritos

Help the Homeless society are giving ‘survival kit’ shoe boxes to the homeless

You can even do one for dogs

You can now get McDonald’s and KFC delivered to you in bed

Your prayers have been answered

What you were wearing at the Guild’s Diwali Ball

Liverpool’s best saris and suits

The Guild have launched a ‘Call It Out’ campaign against sexual harassment

It started today

Why Hitch is the best society in Liverpool

You get to go on really cheap holidays

Liverpool is the first city to open fast paced walking lanes

About time

Man charged after bomb hoax on 86 bus on Smithdown Road

He’s been charged with communicating false information

What you were wearing at Regression Sessions

Halloween costumes on fleek

17 takeaways on Smithdown received a hygiene rating of 1* or less

Will anyone stop eating Chester’s though?

Chibuku releases insane lineups for upcoming events

Giorgio Moroder is one of the headliners

The Tab meets Armando – the One Love viral video legend

His favourite Blue member is Lee, obviously

Daredevil Liverpool undergrads smash the human powered British land speed record

Not once… but three times

Liverpool is launching telephone listening service Nightline

It’s open from 8pm – 8am

Radio celebs Scott Mills and Grimmy hit up Liverpool yesterday

There was an innuendo bingo like never before

Delta are now charging customers upfront for fares above £20

You better not make a run for it lad

Smithdown takeaway and corner shop hammered with zero star hygiene ratings

Finger lickin’ not so good

We don’t have the skills and discipline to ever get a job, warns top boss

Grads are turning up in flip-flops and can’t even make eye contact

Flawless beauty pageant queen was bullied for the way she looked

She showed them

Diet Coke has the same effect on your body as cocaine

Wrong type of coke

Psychology is a real subject – don’t even try and say it isn’t

… and no, we can’t read your mind

Ey up! Liverpool is the third best uni in the North West


Stop jumping on St Patrick’s day like it’s your own

Your Irish second cousin doesn’t count

Would you ever brave Med… sober?

House music is NOT the one when you’re sober

Law students are the worst people to live with

All they do is read

Why would you do a Saturday night in Liverpool?

You spend an absolute bomb and queue in the cold for hours

Krunchy Fried Chicken is the only place to get your drunken nosh

Their pop-pop chicken is on point

Carnatic just isn’t worth it anymore

You can’t get Crown, so what else do you do

Who wants to look like a Kardashian?

Good taste comes to die at Kardashian Beauty in Clayton Square.

Welcome Week wristbands are a total waste of money

Foolish first years, NEVER buy into the Welcome Week hype

American Pie’s Kevin invites freshers to join him for a kebab

Actor pays a visit to Heebies and turns out to be a bit of a legend

Ripped off: exorbitant transport expenses for Liverpool students

You pay more to travel than Manchester, Leeds or Cambridge