Why you should join The Tab Liverpool next term

Come on

Liverpool’s most talked about student newspaper is on the hunt for new team members.

Our team has grown so much in the past two years and we are now hooked on making dreams come true. Join The Tab for fun, free stuff, fantastic job opportunities, and great friends.

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we want YOU

Recognise this girl? Yep, she’s a long term tab reporter who’s made it onto national newspapers. Our writers have got work experience at national papers and have gone on to grad schemes at The Telegraph, and onto the most competitive Journalism course in the UK.

And it’s not all about the writing, our socials are the best in the UK and we meet for drinks every week to go over ideas.

You want free tickets to Fiesta Bombarda? Free entry to Level? The first look at brand new apps and the first to try all the weird experiences Liverpool has to offer? Free alcohol? Yep – we also get a fuckload of free stuff for our excellent articles.

You could learn about the world of journalism if that’s what you aspire to, or even just write for fun. Regardless of what you’d like to get out of writing for us, we’re a very tight team. There’s even a Tab couple – so you may also find love.

You don’t need any journalism experience to apply, as long as you want to be part of our team that’s all that matters to us.

Sign up to write for us here, or email [email protected] to find out more. 


Adam Payne, 2014 Editor and Trainee at News Associates


“I first got involved with The Tab out of curiosity when I had an idea for an opinion piece, and two years later I was editor. It has proved to be a big seller for my CV and has opened so many other doors for me in not too much time at all.

“Not only does it help you develop crucial tricks of the trade like story-sourcing, interviewing and what not, but it gives you something to get out of bed for in the morning when your pre-12pm lecture doesn’t sound too appealing. It’s hilarious, enthralling, eye-opening, sometimes stressful but always fun and very rewarding.”

Catherine Reid, 2013 Editor, Head of Talent at Tab HQ

“I got involved with The Tab Liverpool when it first launched in 2012. As one of the first Tabs, it’s been amazing to work with such a fast-growing company and set the agenda for student news.

“I started off as News Editor before becoming Editor after six months and had amazing opportunities to break some really good stories, which look great on my portfolio. The Tab has helped me in so many ways – from improving my writing, introducing me to national journalists, helping me out with work experience and even landing a job with them when I graduated.

“I’m absolutely hooked, and it was so much fun while I was at uni. I can’t recommend getting involved highly enough, whether you want to be a journalist or not.

“The team are so friendly and I made some great friends through The Tab. They’re all super close but really welcoming, so it’s not like some societies which can be quite cliquey. You’d be silly to miss a Tab social, plus they get invited to club launches and stuff all the time – who can say no to free drinks?”

Lucy Pilling, reporter

“Joining The Tab has been great fun, not only is it great accessible experience for a future in journalism, but I’ve also had a really good time doing it.

“You get the chance to write about loads of topics in a witty form, and there’s not too much pressure to get articles out all the time because the editors are students too and they know what it’s like to have stressful uni deadlines and work.

“We have loads of socials too where you can all get to know each other instead of just talking about the articles all the time.”

Emma Coull, current Social Media Editor

“Doing social media and marketing work for The Tab Liverpool has been really fun. You have to constantly challenge yourself to keep up with what’s funny and relevant so it’s been really helpful experience wise.”

Sign up to write for us here, or email [email protected] to find out more.