Breaking-Bad style ‘meth lab’ discovered near Smithdown


A three-storey house on Cretan Road has been discovered to have a drug-creating set up that resembles the lab in Breaking Bad.

The walls of the house had been knocked down in order to create the drug den, including into the back of a shop adjacent to Lawrence Road.

the equipment

the equipment

It had blacked-out blinds at every window according to the street residents, and often had strangers visit at odd times of day with rocks being thrown at the upper windows.

Also reported by street residents, the owner arrived on Sunday afternoon expecting to remove a squatter, but ended up calling the police after finding a huge drug cooking den.

Police searched the house by first knocking down the front door, and have been at the house removing chemicals and equipment over the last few days. They are expected to stay searching for the rest of the week.

the front of the property

The front of the property

Forensic officers have been at the address since yesterday, though the exact substances produced in the house are yet to be confirmed.

A statement released by Merseyside Police reads:

“Following a reported disturbance at an address on Cretan Road, Wavertree around 3.50 pm, officers attended and discovered chemicals and equipment suspected to be for the purposes of producing controlled drugs. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and specialist drug officers have secured the scene and officers remain there at the time of writing (1.00 pm on Wednesday, 2 December).”

The pavement near the entrance has been excavated with diggers to dismantle the electricity link-ups.

A 31-year-old man who lived in the house had been arrested on suspicion of production of a controlled drug, but then was released on bail after being interviewed in custody.


Living just a five minute walk away from the scene, Physics second year Philip Thomas said: “It was only a matter of time before something like this was uncovered.

“I hope Heisenberg doesn’t turn up and blow it up with his fake meth.”