You can now get McDonald’s and KFC delivered to you in bed

Your prayers have been answered

A new delivery service aims to provide takeaway to the hungover.

Every student will experience the desperate feeling of lying in bed after a heavy night out, craving a McDonald’s to cure the headache, pain and regret from the night before, but being simply unable to rise out of bed and grab their dream burger.

At last, there is an answer.

The Liverpool Hangover Service is launching this weekend and will give everyone the opportunity to eat their favourite takeaway meal in the comfort of their own home without having to even leave the sofa.

For a charge of £5, anyone will be able to have their takeaway of choice delivered directly to their door.

All this could be yours and you don't even have to leave the house.

The service has been set up by 22 year old ex-service man Stephen Murtagh.

Stephen came up with the idea after an incident whilst in the army, where an improvised explosive device resulted in him losing a leg and leaving him in a coma, consequently reflecting on his life.

He said: “I thought about starting my own business and I came up with the Liverpool hangover Service, We’ve got almost 10,000 likes on Facebook and I’ve not delivered a single meal yet.”

However, Stephen explains that the service isn’t just for hungover people: “I want to offer it to everyone. Older people, anyone who is housebound, and of course hungover people.”

From the comfort of your own home.

Second year Psychology student Yasmin Ahmed said: “I reckon me and my house mates will be using this all the time, it’s almost too much of a good idea.”

Third year Maths student Shane Heath said: “It’s like a dream come true, isn’t it?”