Campus style: Bag watch

We spotted the fittest bags on campus and asked you about them

The saying “it’s more than just a bag” isn’t so far from the truth.

A bag can be representative of your personality. It can also be a memory, or even reflect your attitude towards uni life and we found that this was the case for most people:

Beth, History, second year 

“My bag was handed down to me from my dad. It’s basically vintage sportswear – which is my vibe.”

Ngokong Lee, Economics and Mathematics, fresher


“It’s an awesome bag! I got it from Hong Kong, and I needed a bag for uni and this was the perfect one for me. It’s my style and the bag captures it well.”

Honey Hammer, Egyptology, third year

“I love this bag, I got it as a birthday present to myself from Forbidden Planet. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I’m definitely a Slytherin,  hence the bag choice. It’s great for library runs when you just want to throw books in a bag and run away.”

Changxuan, Management, second year 

“Someone gave me this bag as a gift and I love it very much. I haven’t parted with it since.”

Adeleh,  Town planning and Urban design,  PHD third year 

“This bag is from one of the traditional markets in Iran. It is a very special to me because it a gift from my dad”

Lucy Bell, Communication & Media with Politics, fresher

 “My bag is from House of Fraser, Linear design.  I purchased it around Christmas two years ago because I’d been given some money from my grandma as a pre-christmas present. It’s good because it’s big and can fit all my uni stuff inside, I can’t find another one like it at the same price. House of Fraser is always good for bags, my Dune bag was from there and has never broken. This bag has a bit of wear and tear but I love it too much to get rid of it”

 XinXing Li, English and Communication, second year

“I bought this bag from Zara – from the men’s section. I tend to buy a lot of menswear, as I think the whole over sized clothing and accessories on women is very in right now. I feel very fashionable and unique in that sense.”

Jiawen Fong, Law, third year

“My bag was a leaving present from my friend. It  reminds me a lot of the fun times we had in Malayasia – I miss her, and this bag keeps me close to her!”