We FINALLY Have Lecture Streaming

About damn time

You can now miss your 9am and watch a recorded version of your lecture.

Our beloved uni has finally introduced recorded lectures which are posted online later.

The Guild tells us that the system will be gradually rolling out across campus, although several schools haven’t signed up to use the system in their lectures just yet.

this could be you but with lecture capture

The Guild’s press release reads, “In the meantime, if you’re keen on using Stream Capture but it’s not covering your lectures yet, you can get in touch with CSD Computing Services, or talk to your Course Rep or department. Let them know why you think it’s such a great idea, and how it will improve your time as a student.”

central teacing hub

Stream Capture is already available in the Central Teaching Hub as well as several Abercromby Square buildings, the Sherrington and South Campus Teaching Hub amongst others.

Katie, a second year History student tells us, “It’s a really useful thing to have especially when revising, because I always worry about information in lectures I might have missed. I hope my lecturers introduce it but I doubt they will.

She continues with a thought most of us have, “Even though some people will use it to revise, I think most will just use it to bunk uni!”

Check out the full list of lecture theatres that have the system installed here – and hope yours is on there.