We won Varsity… again


John Moores rugby sport university of liverpool Varsity wyncote

Once again we put JMU to the sword, coming away with 83-52 in this year’s competition.

The results were announced at around 6pm yesterday, after a day of fiercely-contested sporting fixtures.

AU President Danny Harvey did not shy away from celebrating the result, taking time out to poke fun at the JMU hockey team and their supporters.

He tweeted: “Lived in this city for four years but seriously… JM who?”

Definitely worth it

Hockey captain, Elizabeth Mott also shamelessly spoke about the victory: “We absolutely smashed them, and we didn’t even put out our actual seconds team out.

“We had a mix of seconds, thirds and fourths, so a great win and not a particularly tough match.

“We weren’t playing our best yesterday, but managed to battle through and come out with a win so very relieved.

LJMU gave us a run for our money, but still we weren’t going to let them have it.”

Now, it’s just a waiting game for our third consecutuve win over our rivals JMpoo down the road.

Until next year, Varsity.