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University of Liverpool beats LJMU in the varsity again


BREAKING: mass brawl breaks out at Liverpool Varsity football match

It happened during the men’s 1st team football match

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“Varsity means everything”

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Will Liverpool University retain their crown?

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It was a life-changing experience

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Will we retain our crown at Varsity tomorrow?

Forget Liverpool v Everton next week: UoL vs LJMU is the most important derby of the year.

It’s a shame no one cares about our uni’s sports teams, because they’re actually excellent

When’s the last time you went to a BUCS match?

We won Varsity… again


Are you ready for the big Varsity?

‘Give them nothing, take from them everything’ – King Leonidas

Varsity: UoL host this year’s competition

Who will take the glory in the most intense sporting competition of the year?

It’s war: first Varsity videos launched

With two weeks to go until the big UoL v JMU sporting competition, it seems there’s a war brewing…

UoL’s Sorrow Affects Last AU Night

A less than packed Revs mourns for UoL’s loss at Varsity

JMU Score A 1st With Varsity Success

JMU give UoL a run for their money in this year’s Varsity

Bring It On

Tension builds as teams prepare for next week’s Varsity