BREAKING: mass brawl breaks out at Liverpool Varsity football match

It happened during the men’s 1st team football match

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Rising tensions on the football pitch let to a brawl at the Liverpool varsity today, when a fight broke out during the Men’s 1st team LJMU – Liverpool University football match.

In a video submitted to The Tab, a number of football players can be seen having a fight in the middle of the pitch. At 00:19 in the video, what appears to be members of the crowd being running across the field to join the fight.

In the video, people can be seen running towards a large bundle of football players

An anonymous source at the pitch side described the calamity as a “football fight”. He said: “There were probably about six football players properly fighting but people were running across the pitch to join in the fight from the crowd.”

In the video, at least 45 people can be seen running over towards the football fight, which is then quickly dispersed.

The Liverpool University Men’s 1st Football team drew 3-3 in their match against LJMU, with the 2nds drawing 1-1.