Vivienne Westwood visit cancelled over alleged tax scandal

Young Greens have dumped her

Green party tax avoidance vivienne westwood Young Greens

Dame Vivienne Westwood will no longer be visiting the uni after Young Greens ditched her over tax avoidance allegations.

A unanimous vote was made by activists from the youth wing of the Green Party to ban Westwood from a recruiting tour of universities, ahead of the General Election.

Liverpool Young Greens said: “An internal investigation is currently pending with the full cooperation of Vivienne Westwood’s companies, and we have engaged an independent tax specialist to assist us.

“We have no doubts about her passion or commitment towards tackling climate change, and we thank her for her ongoing support and involvement up to this point in preparations for the tour.

“We offer our sincerest apologies to our members and to those of you who had been planning to attend the event specifically to see Vivienne.”

Second year Ellie said: “After spending four years doing Textiles in school, I always admired Vivienne Westwood for her outlandish views and her passion for for the Green Party.

“I’m really disappointed by the allegations made against her, and I’m gutted to have lost this opportunity to hear her speak.”

Dame Vivienne Westwood said in a recent interview: “I can confirm full UK tax has been paid to HMRC on my personal donation to the Green Party.

“I will continue to ensure my finances are in line with my personal values.

“My reputation is so important to me because of what I am trying to do in my activism.”

Westwood has been replaced on the tour by economist Andrew Simms.