Harry Anderson is our Guild President, again

The Guild have officially announced the new Student Officers

At 21.10 tonight, the Guild announced Harry Anderson to be the Guild President next year.

Harry will be joined by Alex ferguson Emma Sims and newbie Rosie O’Donnell to make up the full SO team.

Harry’s key aims are to:

– Ensure Lecture Capture, the project allowing lectures to be recorded to Vital, is fully implemented

– To increase the Guild’s block grant from the University

– To work at improving graduate employability


James didn't run this year

James didn’t run this year

The Tab’s exit poll called it, placing Harry as the favourite for President, followed by Alex Ferguson and Emma Sims as the runners up.

Resident Tab political guru Benedict Spence commented on this evenings result: “The three SRO’s being re-elected represents a massive vote of confidence in the Guild.

“Yet in Rosie O’Donnell, we have perhaps the first example of medics and the Au voting in bulk. Whether that’s in protest or not, it’s impressive. Will she be able to implement her policies? The first two were pretty vague, and as for the independent Liverpool, one just can’t see it happening.

“The fact of the matter is the turnout was still low enough to suggest the individual ‘fuck offs’ from students may actually represent a large collective attitude, whose chief message is… Fuck off”


A whopping 4,017 students voted voted this year, making it an 18 per cent turnout: a dramatic increase on last year’s measly numbers, mainly due to the improved voting system.