The worst situations to find yourself during a fire alarm


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You’re three hours into your much-needed sleep and then bam… the awful sound of the fire alarm spoils your slumber for the 45th time that semester.

Indeed, no fresher escapes the 4am fire drill, and there seems to be a false alarm at halls at least once a week.

But what can make fire alarms even more torturous is the situation you just happen to find yourself in when the siren sounds.

In the shower

Perhaps the most common occurence for awkwardly-timed-fire-drill sufferers.

In this situation you’ll be left with two options. Firstly, you could really quickly hop out and get dressed (the most likely option), or alternatively, evacuate the building wearing nothing but a towel and look of utter embarassment.

Maths first year Megan Danby has a different idea, though: “I would actually stay in the shower if the fire alarm went off. Fire can’t get me if I’m in the shower.”



Beauty prep

It’s 8pm, you’ve just finished dinner and you and your friend have spontaneously decided to go out, meaning you need to quickly slap on a face mask and start working on your bronze glow.

Amber O’Connell, Maths first year, dreads such an ocassion: “I would evacuate the building in a complete shame – feeling humiliated and like I lost my diginity. If it was a drill I would be heartbroken by the warden.”


Taking an online test / just before a deadline

It’s 11.57pm and you’ve got precisley 3 minutes to hand in your assignment before the deadline.

But some twat in the corridor above doesn’t know how to make toast so decides to gather everyone on Carnatic field.

“I would prefer to burn rather than fail a test,” said Phillip Marshall, first year Physicist.



Probably the most likely scerario, but this doesn’t make it any easier.

It’s not the most embarassing position to be in, but definitley the last thing you want to hear mid-dream is a loud alarming buzz coming from the plastic thing on your ceiling.

Arun Ajikumar, Politics student, has no time for alarms: “I would literally say fuck off and just continue my sleep.”


Being absolutely wasted

Getting wasted is high on most people’s priority list.

Spending 20 minutes or so outside in temperatures of -6 in the early hours of the morning isn’t.

But for many unfortunate students this nightmare has been a reality. The warden that used to love you, probably hates you now after spending seventeen minutes waiting for you to dress yourself and reach the sacred meeting point.