Liverpool’s winning streak over in Uni Challenge as Oxford nerds smash them

The team will have another chance to reach the semis

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The latest chapter of Liverpool Uni’s University Challenge journey is not a happy one, as they were beaten by St. Peter’s Oxford in latest episode aired last night.

Faced with especially tough rounds of questions, the Liverpool boys went down 245-100 to the team from Oxford, falling behind in the opening minutes and playing catch up for the rest of the contest.

Mawdsley, Davis, Crew and Hiscock went into their latest quarter-final on the back of victories over Sheffield and Glasgow, picking up larger points totals as they progressed through the competition.

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The boys

Their opponents put on an impressive display, smashing a round on irrational numbers and quicker to slam the buzzer on most occasions. They rocked up to the studio sporting some fine formal-wear, too.

The Liverpool team went for the more smart-casual look and struggled especially with questions on geology.

Perhaps the moment of the night belonged to Liverpool, though, as ex-Tab writer Ben Mawdsley failed to keep his emotions in check after correctly identifying an Elton John number.

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A determined performance from Liverpool’s Hiscock led to “nominate Hiscock” becoming a much-used phrase, with his knowledge of philosophers keeping his team in the contest.

In the end the Liverpool team came second to a knowledgeable Oxford side, whose winning mentality was clear to see.

Trueblood’s bewilderment with Paxman’s wording of a question provoked an impassioned moan of “that’s a funny way of wording it”.

Despite the loss, the Liverpool team will have another opportunity to secure a place in the semi finals with another quarter final on the horizon.

They’ll be hoping for more rounds on music and not so many palaeontology.