Loyal fans fight to save Garlands

#savegarlands is really taking off

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Outraged punters have launched a petition to reopen Garlands after it was shut down last night following a drugs raid.

In two hours since the petition opened, nearly 200 people have signed to save the club, which has been one of the go-to places for over 20 years.

Save Garlands Nightclub page also has over 700 likes.

Paul Smith Jnr, British Super Middleweight Champion, even got behind the movement.

Footage from police at the scene

Footage from police at the scene

Last night 140 police stormed the club and searched the premises for class A drugs with sniffer dogs before allowing anyone to leave.

Two locals, aged 19 and 20 from West Derby and Birkenheard, were arrested for possession.

Daniel, who was in the club when it was raided, said: “It was just another normal night in Garlands, then next minute the music stopped and around 20 police officers came into the room I was in and took over.

“The police announced they were issuing a drugs search warrant and began to search the premises.

“Everyone was individually searched and no one was allowed to leave until an investigation was carried out.

“It was all a massive shock.”

Gabby, a student, said: “I was just dancing when suddenly the music goes off and these bobbies come storming in.

“It was pretty funny to be fair, everyone got so panicky.”

Marcus, who was also there, said: “I thought my eyes were deceiving me.

“A huge gang of police officers came in, it was like something out of CSI.”

Garlands 3

A video, issued by Merseyside Police, shows the shut down of Garlands where around 200 party-goers inside where told they were being detained while a full search of the property took place.

Despite the club being raided, it’s important to state the club, event companies or staff were not involved.

A spokesperson said: “Garlands is the safest club in the North West, if you look at their records, violence is at an all time low in comparison to other clubs in the city and have no records of trouble with the police.

“My personal opinion is they’re being used as a scapegoat, you’ll find drug use all around the city, in places where it’ll be 10 times worse.”

There is to be another hearing on Wednesday 18 February.

Until then, Garlands is closed. *Sob*