Taking MD for the first time was the only thing that made RAW good

My inner sesh gremlin was released

So you’re going to your first Abandon Silence…

How do you dress for the journey from fresher to crackhead?

Everything to do in Liverpool before you graduate

If you didn’t tick these boxes did you ever really go to #uni?

Man tries to smuggle cocaine through John Lennon airport inside Kinder eggs

Kinder surprise!

Cream retains its licence following Boxing Day deaths drugs investigation

Thank god

Guild prepares for Cream at Mountford Hall by hiring sniffer dogs

Lucky for you they also said they’d be giving out free water

How to act around a dealer, by a scouse drug dealer

If you ask ‘is it good?’ then count yourself blacklisted

Smithdown house parties are hell on earth

Do you even know the weirdos you’re letting in your house?

Gay Town is best night out in Liverpool

The number one clubbing mistake is going out with the straights

We can’t prevent initiations, so I think we should embrace them

Do it for the lads

You listen to house to escape how dull your life is

What’s a bandwagon?

We’re not horsing around: Ket drought ends just in time for summer

Ketting on it

Third year speaks out about his crippling Valium addiction

‘You don’t realise what’s happening until it’s too late’

Hooray: Garlands will finally reopen its doors next month

It was shut down after a drugs bust earlier this year

Going to Crufts on acid was the weirdest experience of my life

Fur has never felt so good

Emergency services found man collapsed in City Centre flat

He was brought out on a wheelchair and sent to hospital

Multiple men arrested on Smithdown after massive drugs bust

120 officers stormed eight properties this morning

Republik shut down after another major drugs raid

Six members of staff were arrested

Garlands shut down for three months after huge drugs bust

Six bags of Mkat were found behind the bar

I am scared to live on Smithdown Road

When will it all end?