The best places to ‘find’ yourself on campus

Life’s hard sometimes

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After spending the Christmas break pretending to revise, two swift exam-filled-weeks later it’s time to get back into lectures.

But for some, it’s just all too much.

So the question is, where is best to head when you’re after a bit of reflection, introspection and “me time”?

The steps of the Metropolitan Cathedral

2015-02-04 14.23.47
Perks: There is nowhere more peaceful to have a meditation session than on the Cathedral steps, basking in the February sun. There’s rarely anybody around either.

Flaws: The steps are very narrow, so if you want to sit lotus style there’s every possibility you’re going to fall forward and roll to your death.  As funny as that would be to anyone around you, it’s not going to do much for your self reflection.

Self-healing rating: 8/10

The junk food aisle in Tesco

2015-02-04 14.31.17
Perks: Excellent for finding snacks, we opted for Tangfastics.

Flaws: Maybe not so good for finding yourself, but surely one helps the other?

Self-healing rating: 2/10 (it’s a good starting point)

The quad on North Campus

2015-02-04 14.37.01
This really is the best spot for a little bit of yoga.

Perks: No one else around, no noise, wide open space to think profound thoughts and find your true self.

Flaws: You’re surrounded by windows and very possibly people staring out of them. That being said, if you’re practising your tree pose in the middle of the quad, you probably don’t care who sees.

Self-healing rating: 9/10

The piano in the Guild

2015-02-04 14.42.03
The newest addition to the Guild – our very own piano.

Perks: If you’re talented enough to be able to play the piano, then maybe a little tickle of these ivories will be ample stress relief.

Flaws: If you categorically can not play the piano, you’re going to piss the Guild of Students right off (god forbid) and probably really embarrass yourself. Really.

High risk, high reward.

Self-healing rating: 5/10

19 Abercromby – the Arts Building

2015-02-04 14.48.39
Perks: You’ll find all of us School of the Arts students agree there is nowhere better to have a quiet five than our very own building: it’s to do with the great architecture. Or we’re a bit full of ourselves. Or both.

Probably both.

Flaws: If you aren’t a School of the Arts student this is not your safest bet. You’ll probably be better off finding yourself somewhere you belong.

Self-healing rating: 6/10

The shelter in Abercromby Square

2015-02-04 14.52.15

Perks: On a sunny day, when skies are blue (but the wind deceptively cold) there is no better place to stop and mull over how horrendous exams were than this pagoda looking structure in Abercromby Square.

Flaws: So weather dependant, a thoughtful afternoon here in the rain would be nothing short of morbid, Brontë style.

Self-healing rating: 6/10

The philosophy section of the Sydney Jones

2015-02-04 14.58.22
Perks: To be honest it goes without saying – the Philosophy part of the SJ is in a quiet zone and it is just full of books to discover the meaning of life and things like that.

Flaws: We suspect actual Philosophy students might find this a bit annoying. All in the name of self help though.

Self-healing rating: 7/10

One of the benches behind the Rendall building

2015-02-04 15.04.48
Perks: While lectures are on this is the perfect meditation spot.  Relatively hidden away, shaded and surrounded by nature.

Flaws: Once lectures finish and a mass of students walk past it all gets a bit distracting. It is difficult to find yourself when you can’t even hear yourself think.

Also – the neighbouring Cypress building has rather large windows and houses easily distracted students who are keen to focus on anything other than work, your new found rituals included.

Self-healing rating: 7/10 (10/10 when it’s quiet)

So that’s our run down – but where would you go for your daily spiritual session?