How to pull a Geologist

They’ll make your bed rock

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Perhaps less arrogant and more approachable than the medics, the Geologist is a rare and unique breed of student.

Quite a hard surface to crack, this rock loving loony can prove to be a hole lot of fun if you play your cards right.

So, if you fancy a bit of rock n roll and they dig your vibe, you’re laughing.

In their natural habitat

Pretend you’re interested in rocks and shit

A lot of enthusiastic nodding helps.

The textbook “oohs” and “ahhs” plus the occasional “no way, seriously?! Sand is just loads of teeny tiny rocks?!” will make you seem intellectually stimulated by their alarming yet genuine lust for rocks.

Don’t bother trying to get your head around it, igneous is bliss. Just make them believe you have the same sediments on the topic.

Classic Geologists

Be prepared to touch some fossils

Holding them, feeling them, and then looking at the lines in them… I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THIS OLD LUMP OF EARTH is what may run through your mind once you’ve been shown rock no 23.

Remain calm and smile. They will, eventually, sense your lack of interest and move on.

Schist happens.

The face of a true Geologist

Could even end up with a trip to the beach

Make rocks sexy

Geologists go deeper, after all. So just accept the fact rocks make them hard.

They LOVE shit like this

Remember they are a normal human being

They are not all as painfully geeky or as socially bizarre as Fresh Meat’s portrayal of Howard, Kingesly and JP or Friends’ Dr.Ross Gellar.

So, just treat them as you would a conventional Arts undergrad and they will be gneiss as pie.

Geologists on tour, watch out

Yes, you may very well find rocks in their pockets that they’ve collected from their daily scan of the ground.

But hey, they could teach you important life skills like: how to read a map, analyse a fossil, or understand what Deep Earth Mineralisation Systems is when it’s at home, and make you appreciate nature in a way you never had before.