A day in the life at no. 93: Freshers set to move into Lennon’s old Smithdown gaff

So John Lennon lived in Smithdown

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If you thought your student crib was cool (which you probably don’t), these fortunate freshers have bagged themselves Beatle legend John Lennon’s old house.

Seven John Moores undergrads have signed the house on Garmoyle Road, Smithdown, where the icon lived with his first wife Cynthia.

But they had no idea what they were signing for – the estate agent told them the house was “special” but didn’t give the game away until after they signed.


Lucy, not in the Sky With Diamonds, who lives there told The Tab: “We had no clue it was the house of a legend. We just got lucky.

“The estate agent described it as a special house but we never thought it would be something like this.

“We’d been looking around for weeks but we just couldn’t find the perfect house, but as soon as we stepped into the hallway of this we all just fell in love, way before we even knew who used to live there.

“It’s a privilege, how many people can say they have lived in the same place as John Lennon?

“It’s crazy.”


It is believed this was the house where Lennon’s son, Julian, was conceived.

Lucy added: “It’s just gorgeous, perfect for all seven of us.

“We just can’t believe it. It’s crazy to think how much history the house holds.”

In other words, Lenny definitely shagged under that roof, Real Love.

housemates 2

The Fab Four

She told The Tab what her friends and family thought: “My housemates were just as shocked as me, and just as happy.

“The first thing we did was tell all our families who it belonged to, some were definitely a bit sceptical at first though.

“Everyone can’t wait to come and see it.”


The English Literature student shared some Words Of Love about the band: “I definitely am a fan.

“One thing I love about Liverpool is its connection to The Beatles.

“Even though we’re not necessarily all huge fans of John Lennon, we still appreciate how special the house is.”

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