Meat Free Mondays is a thing, get over it

Bitching about carni’s meat ban is selfish and ignorant

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For some reason, Carnatic’s culinary revolution of Meat Free Mondays has caused quite the stir among freshers.

It was introduced last year (originally Meat Free Fridays, which just caused total anarchy), and all the meatheads have kicked off.

“It’s fucking shit”, “get rid of Meat Free Monday” and “eating Quorn balls is like eating poo” are common words uttered in the dining hall.

The Monday menu provides a wide variety of pescetarian and vegetarian meals, with a different selection every week.

Surely this is an acceptable dining standard, for the shoestring budget student lifestyle? Apparently not.

Because that doesn’t look like poo at all

There are thousands of families living on the breadline in Liverpool alone, 678 known homeless and, on an international stage, many LEDCs plagued by starvation.

It leaves a sour taste in the mouth that people would complain about having a choice of five or more dishes or just one day a week not characterised by chicken.

The total lack of consideration for vegetarians is just ignorant.

Keep it meat free and happy

Veggies are faced with meaty meals for the remaining six days and have a much narrower choice of food. This however is apparently unimportant.

As a vegetarian, I wouldn’t complain or pass anything like the comments that are thrown around Carnatic dining hall every Monday.

We should be very grateful for the food we are provided with daily.

It can be easy, particularly in the sheltered bubble of the student life, to take basic necessities such as food for granted.

But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to forget the importance of gratitude and how incredibly lucky we are: we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, a top standard of education – the list is endless.

You still get a fry up in the morning

So come on freshers, have a little tolerance to a weekly portion of Quorn (which is healthier than meat anyway) and stop wasting time on complaining about a pretty trivial issue in the grand scheme of things.

Have some perspective.

Be grateful you get guaranteed food at all, even if it does taste like shit and sometimes comes with something resembling a side of hair.