Gone with the wind: Loose chimney on Smithdown Road causes chaos

Watch yourselves

Smithdown was locked down by police today after a vent came loose and a window fell from a building. 

Wind speeds as high as 20mph hit Liverpool this afternoon causing chaos in on Arundel Avenue.

A police spokesperson said: “Damage has been caused to several buildings by the high winds.

“At 14:19 a member of staff at a small motor company on Arundel Avenue called us saying a steel chimney looked loose above Tanzone and the Thai restaurant next door.

“A large steel chimney looked insecure and was hanging on by only one bolt. We closed the road at the junction off Smithdown and Arundel.

“As the incident developed we discovered it was a steel ventilation duct and the fire services went to fix it. The road was reopened at 3:30pm.

Not the scene of the incident


“In the same area patrols noticed a glass unit fall from the second storey of a building and smash on the pavement.”

Students across campus today have also been effected by the extreme gale force winds.

Imogen, a student after our own hearts, said: “I look like shit thanks to the weather”

Nearly blown away

Third year student Natty said: “It (the wind) makes me feel invigorated”

Robbie, a third year Philosophy and Politics student likes the fresh air: “The wind was rather bracing. It’s the weather it happens sometimes.”

Embracing the wind

Third year Adam admires how the wind affects his fur: “It makes my muff looks quite majestic in it.

The wind allows Adam to model his muff

Lauren voices the opinion of many across Liverpool.