North Pole wing? Icy temperatures hit Sydney Jones

Everyone’s freezing their tits off in Grove Wing

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Chilly students have been left bitter by the Arctic temperatures in Grove Wing. 

Since the beginning of term, Liverpool Uni’s library Twitter page has been lighting up with tweets from cold students, complaining about the sub zero temperatures in Sydney Jones.

But despite all the moaning, it’s week three and nothing has been done – everyone is still freezing their tits off trying to work.

The new North Pole

Third year students are outraged at the almost inhumane temperatures in the Grove Wing part of the library, especially with it being Dissertation year.

One third year student Dafydd Huw Wrennal told The Tab: “I am sat in the freezing cold right now… I can’t feel my hands. I need to buy a scarf for all my future library sessions and the library can reimburse me.”

Trying to keep warm is a difficult task.

And it’s a sad day when you can’t go to your own library for fear of freezing on the spot.

People are so cold, their noses are turning into ice cubes. Cristina, third year Politics student told The Tab: “It’s arctic in there, I thought my nose had fallen off. When I asked the library desk to turn the air con down they were rather sniffy about it.”

Another student Nathanial Waldron said: “The Grove wing is as cold as Thatcher’s soul.”



But why has nothing been done despite plenty of tweets and a crowd on campus talking about the cold conditions? Many have been spotted wearing scarfes, gloves, coats and ugg boots indoors.

It looks like winter has come early at Liverpool University, and it’s going to be a long one.